IIBA Launches New Chapter Platform Supporting Global Community Engagement

IIBA Launches New Chapter Platform

Designed to engage and enable the global business analysis community, the new platform for members of IIBA’s 120 chapters around the world offers more than an enhanced user experience. It fosters stronger connections between current and aspiring business analysis professionals worldwide and their local communities—the foundation for member success and the profession’s growth.

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) has begun a phased launch of a new chapter digital platform to enable greater value for members and seamless engagement with their local professional networks. Flexible, user-friendly, and intuitive, it facilitates improved workflow for the management of membership, events, communications, and committees. With 30,000 members and 120 chapters worldwide, IIBA leads the global business analysis community and professional standards, shaping the practice of business analysis to achieve better enterprise outcomes.

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Work on migrating IIBA chapters to the new platform began in February and will be completed in November 2024. It features cutting-edge automation, built-in email campaigns, multiple currency and payment methods, profile management, and faster event registration. Together, these will help strengthen networks essential to IIBA’s ecosystem and support new entrants to the profession.

“The new chapter platform is about simplification and unification. IIBA chapters are your global pass to analysis everywhere, as anyone in the world can attend a virtual chapter event to learn more about business analysis and its critical importance to organizations,” says Jared Gorai, Director, Chapters and Member Engagement at IIBA. “An investment in the infrastructure of IIBA’s chapters around the world is an investment in the diversity of approaches to business analysis, which makes our profession so dynamic and versatile.”

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For practising business analysis professionals, there are many benefits to joining an IIBA chapter. These include ongoing professional development and networking opportunities, the chance to volunteer as a member of a chapter board or committee, and the continuing support that comes from belonging to a community of like-minded professionals. Chapters around the world offer tailored services, resources, and events that fit the needs of their local community, in their local language.

IIBA chapters and events are your global access to analysis everywhere. Browse all chapter events and join one virtually, anywhere in the world, by becoming a chapter subscriber.

About IIBA

For over 20 years, the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) has shaped the practice of business analysis to achieve better enterprise outcomes. A professional association with 30,000 members, 120 chapters, 1,500 volunteers, and 500 partners worldwide, IIBA supports the recognition of business analysis within organizations. It enables networking and community engagement, provides foundational standards, and resources, and offers internationally recognized certification programs for career advancement.