Kim Kardashian Stuns with Skin-Baring Post: Channeling Bianca Censori’s Fearless Style

Kim Kardashian Stuns with Skin-Baring Post: Channeling Bianca Censori's Fearless Style

People online are trying to criticize Kim Kardashian for ‘copying’ her outfits from Bianca Censori’s novel, which means it hasn’t been done in the past.

Page six reported, There was a time when Kim Kardashian was a trendsetter, and in many ways she still is. The problem is that those who blindly follow Kanye West’s path will always side with him, saying Kardashian is an impersonator of Bianca Censori. Why do they say this? The reality star and socialite recently posted a photo in which she showed off a little more skin than she has recently.

People started commenting on the photo and saying Kim was trying to copy Bianca.

Kim Kardashian broke the Internet for the first time

Those who say that Bianca Censori has a unique style forget that Kim Kardashian broke the Internet with her famous cover of PAPER magazine. Kim shows off her hips on the current cover, which is still a graphic image, albeit a very NSFW one. This took place while Kim was still married to Kanye West; This may or may not have to do with his decision to leave his body that way. Her latest post is a reminder that she still has the power to break the internet if she wants to. However, her life as a mother is no longer as easy as it used to be.

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For Kim Kardashian, being the best example for her children is now the most important thing. It is recommended to take additional photos because this is not recommended for a business person like him. Bianca Censori is now a new girl who can wear whatever she wants. Maybe if she and Ye have kids he’ll change his mind, but not now. Kardashian does not copy anyone, she begins to create styles. We will serve all our customers here.

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