World Cup Star Di María’s Family Terrorized as Argentine Authorities Arrest Narco Gang Members Over Violent Threats

Authorities just locked up three low-life punks for threatening none other than soccer superstar Ángel Di María and even shooting at the dude’s family house!

According to the country’s top security boss Patricia Bullrich, one of the arrested bozos fessed up that he and his two idiot sidekicks were behind the sick threats aimed at Di María’s loved ones. Like, who does that?!

Di María Had It Coming for Wanting Rosario Homecoming?

So get this – the reason these narco goons targeted Di María, who currently suits up for Portugal’s Benfica squad, is all because the Argentine legend said he wanted to potentially finish out his career back home with his boyhood club Rosario Central once his contract ends.

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Apparently, that didn’t vibe with the local gang. They rolled up and started busting caps at Di María’s fam’s crib on Monday, even leaving a crazy note telling the superstar not to come back to Rosario. Messed up!

Di María posted about the nightmare on social media, simply asking for “peace” and saying the whole deal really shook him, which is totally understandable when narco psychos come after your familia like that.

Rosario a Narco War Zone Lately
Unfortunately, Rosario has become an absolute narco-terror hotspot in recent years. The city’s homicide rate is over 6 times higher than freaking New York City’s due to the lunatic drug cartels and extortionists running amok.

The province had to literally launch a military-style operation called “Plan Flag” to try regaining control of Rosario’s streets from these psychopathic thugs. The national government’s backing the mission too after basically abandoning the city for years.

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Di María Just Wants to Hoop in Peace
For Di María’s part, the legendary World Cup winner with Argentina’s national team hasn’t said much else. He probably doesn’t want to poke the bear and make the narco gangs anymore disgruntled.

All the 35-year-old vet wants is to be able to play the sport he was born to play, whether that’s overseas or possibly back in his hometown before retiring. Is that too much to ask without narco maniacs shooting up your mom’s house?!

With these latest arrests, hopefully the scary situation can finally chill out and Di María can simply focus on balling without having his family’s safety threatened by these heartless losers. No athlete deserves that type of bulls**t, period.

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