Who is Orry? Bollywood’s BFF Sparks Internet Mystery with c Throwback

Who is Orry? Bollywood's BFF Sparks Internet Mystery with Kendall Jenner Throwback

Orry shared a photo with Kendall Jenner in 2015. X user later shared the photo.

Old photos of Orry (aka Orhan Awatramani) with Kendall Jenner surfaced and surprised people. They pose for the camera in the photo. When the photo went viral as expected, some people asked, “Who is that?” he wondered.

User X posted a screenshot of this photo, first published by Orry in 2015, and wrote: – the whole world? Nearly ten years ago, when Ollie shared this photo, he wrote: “They asked me what to do with a picture of Kylie. So, I gave them a picture of Kendall.”

Check out this photo he shared in 2017:

Although it is not clear which photo Orry was referring to in his post, he shared a photo with Kylie Jenner on Instagram with the caption “Reunion” two years later. Gathered over 120,000 views. It also garnered nearly 1,900 likes.

People left mixed comments in response to the post.”Oh my God! Orry is a good friend of Kendall and Kylie Jenner,” wrote a X user.”Oh my God, who is that?” wondered the other.”Life ho rau aisi (This is how life should be)” has been added to us.”The Internet is enough for me,” said four people.”How rich is Ori?” asked the fifth.

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