Korean celebrities Karina and Jae-Wook call it quits after a brief romance!

Korean celebrities Karina and Jae-Wook call it quits after a brief romance!

Actor Lee Jae-Wook and K-pop idol Karina from Aespa reportedly broke up after dating for five weeks. The couple was visualized as the ideal partners and fans are disheartened by the sudden breakup news.

When the duo made their relationship official, fans couldn’t help but stan the couple, especially Jae-Wook, who went to great lengths to protect her ex-girlfriend Karina from threats and negative comments from haters.

More details

Actor Lee Jae-Wook’s agency, C-Jes, confirmed the breakup, stating – that Lee Jae-Wook decided on the breakup to focus on the project he is currently filming. The two decided to remain as colleagues who support each other. They will each greet [fans] through good activities from their respective positions in the future. Please show lots of warm interest and support.”

Responding to the news, a source from Karina’s agency, SM Entertainment, confirmed the news to be true and stated – “It is true they broke up.”

Was the breakup caused due to backlash?

The couple’s relationship mews was spilled out by a Korean media outlet named Dispatch on February 27, this year. Shortly after, both parties’ agencies confirmed it to be true. According to the Dispatch report, the couple first met at the Prada fashion show in Milan. After that, the couple was spotted frequently visiting each other and going hand in hand for late-night strolls in their neighborhood.

However, as soon as the couple went official with their relationship, haters attacked the duo harshly and negatively. Both of them faced backlash to the point where Karina was forced to apologize publicly for having hurt the sentiments of people. However, Jae-Wook supported her girlfriend and started to sue any haters who would spread further malice. This relates to the fans who supported the couple, as the duo seemed to have genuine feelings and respect for each other.

However, it is reported that the continuous online backlashing proved to be strenuous for both the stars, who also have a public career to cater to and hence have decided to split up.

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