Watch: Meghan Markle receives backlash for suggesting a woman not pose beside Prince Harry!

Watch: Meghan Markle receives backlash for suggesting a woman not pose beside Prince Harry!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared a congratulatory kiss after Harry’s team won at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge held at Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida. It was a charity polo match. However, Meghan received some harsh criticisms for her behaviour at the event and people called Meghan “rude” and “insecure”. Read more to find out the details.

Meghan Markle labelled as “rude” and “insecure”

While many people were happy for Meghan and Harry and noted how the couple looked happy and spoke to everyone politely. One person remarked that “they were very loving with each other.”
However, Meghan received harsh criticisms after a video of her from the polo match went viral.
The incident occurred during the award presentation ceremony where a woman walked up to the stage to celebrate Prince Harry’s team’s victory. The woman who was presumably a participant can be seen gesturing by Meghan to step aside and stand beside her instead of Harry. Netizens found the gesture to be rude and demeaning and called her out!

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One user wrote – “She seems insecure regarding her husband. That’s why she keeps clinging to him and any woman who [stands] beside him is told to stand beside her.”
“Oh my god did she just push that woman away?” to embarrassment: “She’s so rude. CRINGE.” and “I am embarrassed for her. So many missed opportunities to be gracious,” another chimed in.

Watch: Meghan Markle receives backlash for suggesting a woman not pose beside Prince Harry!
Meghan dressed in a white ensemble for the Polo match

Ever since becoming a part of the royal family, Meghan has been a subject of racism and a subject of comparison with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton. Due to her mixed heritage, she has faced some harsh remarks by the alleged royal family, its fans and admirers.

Meghan and Harry’s Upcoming Netflix series

The duo have signed with Netflix and will star in two upcoming series. The series is in the early stages of production and Meghan and Harry will be seen in cameo roles.

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