Selena Gomez responds to her relationship with John F. Kennedy’s grandson!

Singer Selena Gomez has recently been the center of speculation regarding her dating John F. Kennedy’s grandson. According to the latest report, Selena has dated JFK’s grandson, John Jack Kennedy Schlossberg but kept it a secret! Currently, Selena and Benny Blanco are dating each other.

Read more to find out what Selena has to say regarding the matter.

Selena’s secret relationship with JFK’s grandson exposed

Selena Gomez and JFK’s grandson John Jack Kennedy Schlossberg allegedly dated between 2020 to 2021. This rumor mysteriously emerged on ‘X’ and a user tweeted that Schlossberg had “promised her the White House, and she fell for it.”

The rumour made its way to Instagram where someone took a screenshot of the tweet and posted. When Selena saw this, she dismissed the fake reports once and for all and replied in the comments – “Never met this human. Sorry.”

Selena dismissed dating rumors with Mr Schlossberg

Mr. Schlossberg is a Harvard Law Graduate. Being a descendant of the political dynasty, Mr. Schlossberg is quite famous and can be frequently spotted mingling with President Barack Obama and Prince William. Apart from being ambitious and talented, Mr. Schlossberg has surely the looks to attract any female’s heart.

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Selena Gomez’s current boyfriend

Selena is currently dating Benny Blanco. Despite her fans saying a lot of negative things regarding the duo’s relationship, Selena has made clear her stance on this matter. She is dating Blanco because she loves and admires him the way he is.

Compared to Selena’s exes like Justin Bieber and the Weeknd, Blanco is not so popular among the masses. Regardless, he is Selena’s whole world and she is happy with him.

On Blanco’s birthday last month, Selena posted a carousel of PDA pictures of her and Blanco kissing and cuddling nonstop.

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