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The world is obsessed with looks that exude the ‘boss girl’ vibe as power dressing – especially inspired by 90s trends – is back in style. Corporate-coded clothing in the West is all about padded suit jackets, blazers, pencil skirts, and shirts. In India, the work wear attire also includes minimal kurtas and sarees that you can style for elegant looks. Want to incorporate quick-to-style pieces into your wardrobe or wear trendy Western wear while looking graceful? Coord sets will help you do just that and more.

The matching coordinated sets help you create a cohesive outfit and look put-together and polished. Formal clothing options tend to get repetitive and buying coord sets in the latest styles will help break away from the shirt-and-trousers routine. Keep reading as this guide will help you pick the best outfit ideas with coord sets for work and play to elevate your fashion game.

1.      Effortless: Coord sets allow you to look stylish with minimal to no effort as the clothing itself is a statement piece. From solid co-ords to matching sets with abstract prints or vibrant colours, they are available in timeless and trendy styles to help refresh your wardrobe. Most coord sets are available in a variety of fabric options that will help you stay comfortable and match the look to any occasion.

2.      Versatility: As mentioned earlier, coord sets are available in a variety of colours and fabric options. While the shirt/t-shirt and skirt/trousers combination is the classic offering, you can also find coord sets in many versatile silhouettes; pick from flared pants for festive occasions, slit skirts for date nights and resort wear, crop tops for casual outfits, shorts for the summer, and much more. Coord sets are also available in 3 and 4-piece options that include a jacket or shrug and even accessories like belts and scarves.

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3.      Saves Time: Coord sets will help you get dressed quickly as they eliminate the need to match separates altogether and can stand on their own to help you look stylish without needing too many accessories. You can always rely on coord sets while running late for work or planning your outfits around your busy schedule.

4.      Travel-Friendly: Whether you travel a lot for work or leisure, co-ords are a must-have in your luggage. You can look put together in minutes and will not have to worry about carrying accessories. You can also create different looks by matching pieces from your coord sets with other sets or mix matching with basic bottom or top options.

5.      Professional Look: It is important to look polished and meet professional standards while getting dressed for work and coord sets help you achieve just that. The cohesive look of having the same fabrics throughout the pieces as well as uniform details like embroidery and embellishments in the outfit is desirable for a classic outfit. Knowing that you look the best also gives you a boost of confidence, which further enhances your overall look.

Outfit Ideas:

Styling coord sets can be tricky as the garments themselves steal all the focus. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to get different outfits from your co-ord set without overwhelming the silhouette:

1.      Bejewelled: You can’t deny that jewellery can fix all fashion woes and coord sets are no exception. You can always switch up the look of coord sets with the right jewellery. For a true-to-form work look, opt for simple chains, minimal studs, watches, and dainty bracelets. The transition from day to night with statement rhinestone earrings and embellished jackets. Take it up a notch with stone-design chokers and cocktail rings for formal parties.

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2.      Elevate With Footwear: The right footwear will stand out to upgrade outfit and the choice of shoes should be taken into consideration while styling any outfit. Wear chunky sneakers with trousers and blazer co-ord for a street-wear-inspired boss-girl look. Walk into every meeting room with confidence by opting for pumps in neutral shades. You can also dress it up for night outs with lace-up or rhinestone detail heels or flats for a comfy look.

3.      Hairstyles: Slick-back hairstyles will help you look put-together and classy for any formal occasion. You can opt for side-swept hairstyles for a glamorous look to elevate your workwear coord sets. Additionally, picking hair accessories such as headbands or embellished clips will help you pull the focus to your face to shine at any event.

4.      Mix And Match: One major benefit of coord sets is that you don’t have to deal with the headache of matching pieces. However, on days when you have the time and want to try new things, you can mix and match from the various sets or basics in your wardrobe for fun outfits. You can match parts from your printed sets with solid colour pieces and vice versa.

5.      Stunning Bags: Carrying statement bags allows you to carry all your essentials while making a style statement. Let your leather (faux) handbags take centre stage for a sophisticated and classy look. You can also opt for oversized tote bags with funky prints and embroidery details. For formal parties, go for stylish clutches for an elegant and graceful look. Sling bags and shoulder bags are the perfect addition for your brunch outfits or day-long outings where you need to carry essentials.

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6.      Boss Babe Blazer: For days when you want to project your fierce professional side, add a blazer to any solid shirt and trousers or skirt co-ord set for a classic look. Blazers also seamlessly transition from day to night, especially when paired with high heels and minimal jewellery like pendant chains and chain link bracelets.

Office wear has changed dramatically with the introduction of co-ord outfits that combine comfort, professionalism, and style effortlessly. Their numerous advantages, ranging from easy elegance to adaptable versatility, help create a powerful and productive work environment. Buy the latest coord sets ASAP for work and take advantage of the benefits associated with this modern fashion trend.

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