Sydney Sweeney Slams Hollywood Producer: ‘Not Pretty’ Remark Sparks Outrage

Sydney Sweeney Slams Hollywood Producer: 'Not Pretty' Remark Sparks Outrage

Sydney Sweeney criticizes Hollywood producers for calling her ‘not pretty.’

Los Angeles actor Sydney Sweeney is responding to Hollywood producers who called her “not pretty.”

Carol Baum comments on Sydney sweeney

Master producer Carol Baum spoke negatively about Sweeney, the breakout star of Euphoria and White Lotus, at an event where Sweeney also talked about her hit romantic comedy “Anyone but You”. Another woman, how sad. If that’s what she’s learned throughout her years in business and what she sees fit to teach her students, that’s a shame. Being fair to the female producer says a lot about Ms. Baum’s character said, “Sweeney’s representative said in a statement to various people.

Ptinews reported, Baum is famous for movies like “Dead Ringer” and “Father of the Bride”. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” statement I don’t understand Sydney Sweeney. I watched the movie.

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Sydney Sweeney was on the plane because I wanted to see her. I want to know who she is and why everyone is talking about her. I watched this movie without having seen it before and I feel sorry for people who like this song but hate each other. Popular “I told the class, ‘Tell me about this girl’.” This is a hard question to answer because we all want to make this movie and who can say no to that? I do not know anybody. Your job is to make movies.

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