Watch: Woman’s Lamborghini Performance Turns Costly with Shattered Windshield

Woman's Lamborghini Performance Turns Costly with Shattered Windshield

A video showing a woman suffering from an eye injury dancing on the roof of a Lamborghini trended on Reddit. Some even called her “arrogant.”

In the video, the woman climbs onto the roof of the Lamborghini and breaks the car’s windshield in the process. The viral video also garnered comments. Some called his actions “harsh” and “irresponsible”, while others believed the video was fabricated.

A Reddit user posted the video with the following title:

Why do people do this just to get views and likes?

In the video, the woman is seen standing in front of the blue sky ahead. she soon jumped on the window, and it broke immediately. she is seen climbing on top of the car to dance as the video plays. I like it and the number is increasing. The report also garnered many comments from people.

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Internet reactions

NDTV reported, One Reddit user wrote: A third added: “We should not shut it down and pay for the loss, and we will not shut down the video and continue to cause more loss.”

“Smart people don’t do this. First place, fourth place tied. —This is her car. she gets exposure and makes money. she even has a killer cyber car. she didn’t care. she might be a millionaire” said a fifth.” Smart people will know that this is crazy, and the door slamming will only help make enough money to pay for nineteen drafts,” she said. In the videos, she can be seen jumping on luxury cars, throwing or throwing sticks, drinking in cars.

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