Las Vegas Casino Workers Rally Against Trump: Culinary Union Takes the Lead

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  In Nevada, the Democrats wield a potent weapon: an extensive network of maids, cooks, and bartenders who played a pivotal role in securing the swing state for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. 

As the November election approaches, the Culinary Union, representing 60,000 hotel and casino workers, is mobilizing once more to take on Donald Trump.

The union’s secretary-treasurer, Ted Pappageorge, revealed their strategy: “By election day, we’ll have 500 union members—men and women who typically clean rooms, cook food, or serve drinks—out full-time, knocking on doors, registering voters, and ensuring high turnout. There’s no other way to win.”

Culinary Union: A Political Juggernaut in Nevada

In his book “Beaten Down, Worked Up: The Past, Present and Future of American Labor,” author Steven Greenhouse aptly describes the Culinary Union as a “political juggernaut.” 

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This formidable union has played a pivotal role in transforming Nevada from a red state to a blue one, reports Yahoo!

Secretary-treasurer Ted Pappageorge acknowledges their unique position: “We play a pretty big role, but it’s a special role.” 

Indeed, the Culinary Union’s extensive network of maids, cooks, and bartenders—comprising 60,000 hotel and casino workers—has been instrumental in securing victories for Democratic candidates in this critical swing state. 

As the November election approaches, they are once again gearing up to challenge former President Donald Trump and drive the working-class vote in Nevada.

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Nevada has become a critical battleground in U.S. presidential elections, with Las Vegas being home to three-quarters of the state’s population. 

In 2016, Hillary Clinton courted hotel workers and union members in casino back rooms and employee cafeterias, securing a victory in one of the few swing states she won. 

 Joe Biden continued this tradition four years later, marching on picket lines and celebrating hard-fought new contracts with union members.

Author Steven Greenhouse describes the Culinary Union as a “political juggernaut” that has significantly shifted Nevada from red to blue. Their influence stems from being Nevada’s largest union and their robust political canvassing machine. 

During the 2022 elections, the union’s canvassers knocked on over a million doors, engaging with 175,000 voters in a state with a population of three million.

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This year, the union plans to raise funds to pay hundreds of union canvassers, who will take leave from their jobs to pound the streets once again. 

These dedicated workers brave scorching temperatures, dog chases, and other challenges to connect with fellow workers and drive the working-class vote in Nevada. 

The Culinary Union’s impact extends beyond politics—it has tripled in size since the late 1980s, securing middle-class lifestyles for Nevada hospitality workers.

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