Rakhi Sawant Leaked Video Controversy: Challenges Ex-Husband’s Allegations in Supreme Court

Rakhi Sawant Challenges Ex-Husband's Allegations in Supreme Court Amid Leaked Video Controversy

Rakhi Sawant joined the fight because her ex-husband accused her of leaking bad videos. He took the issue to the Supreme Court to avoid arrest. The document shows the conflict between personal conflict and legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

The Supreme Court decided to wait today to decide on the intense dispute. She is embroiled in a legal battle over the controversial video featuring her ex-husband, Adil Khan Durrani. The conflict escalated to the point where Rakhi approached the Supreme Court seeking a legal order to avoid arrest. She has the right not to be arrested during the investigation against him. The outcome of the controversial case will be determined by the hearing to be held today.

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Rakhi Sawant allegations

According to Times of India, The charges were filed under Sections 500 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, which deal with defamation and conspiracy to commit offences under the law.

The FIR alleged that Rakhi filmed Adil on a TV and later shared the video via WhatsApp and other digital platforms.

The video is from five years ago and is of poor quality, making it difficult to see fine details. Rakhi’s condition, which included the need for medical procedures, was cited as a reason to avoid clinical trials. Conflict

Rakhi and Adil’s Dynamics Past and Present

Rakhi and Adil’s conflict marked by secrecy and anger behind public scrutiny in favor of the media. Despite the weakening of their marriage, their public relations continue, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing struggle. Adil recently married Somi Khan, and Rakhi’s outing has added a further twist to the evolving saga.

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While Rakhi Sawant awaits the Supreme Court’s April 22 verdict, which will set the course for the high-profile case, she has piqued the interest of viewers hungry for the truth about what is happening around Bollywood’s “picture king”.

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