Exploring Lunar Mysteries: China’s Chang’e-6 Mission Targets Moon’s ‘Dark’ Side

Exploring Lunar Mysteries: China's Chang'e-6 Mission Targets Moon's 'Dark' Side

Change-6 will rely on relay satellites orbiting the moon to communicate with Earth, with missions such as climbing the “rock” side of the moon on the way back

China plans to release Chang’e in -6 robotic spacecraft to perform missions from the Moon. The mission is the first step in our challenging mission to complete the Chinese landing and establish a base at the Moon’s south pole. This will also be the world’s first attempt to collect samples from the other side of the moon.

China’s mission to the moon

Russia’s technological gap this actually confirmed the ability to safely return an unmanned spacecraft from the Sun to Earth. The purpose is to collect dirt and rocks. During the 53-day mission, Chang’e-6 will rely on relay satellites orbiting the Moon to communicate with Earth.

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According to The Times of India (TOI), the mission will also include a special ascent from the “hidden” side of the moon on the way back. Expressed concern about Beijing’s intentions in the polar region. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has warned about China’s potential demand for water resources in this region. In response, Beijing said it was committed to working with all countries to build a “shared” future.

In addition, cargo from Russia, Switzerland and Thailand will be transported by Chang’e-7 Known impact craters in the solar system business. India’s Chandrayaan-1 mission, launched in 2008, confirmed the presence of ice in the lake. Chang’e-6 sample return mission may provide insight into the early development of the Moon and the inner solar system.

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