Delhi Dalit minor-girl raped two months ago dies

The 14-year-old Dalit girl who was kidnapped and brutally raped for two months have succumbed to her injuries on Sunday. The victim was raped several times by her neighbor at Burari in North Delhi and forced to drink the corrosive substance which wrecked her internal organ.

The victim was abducted on May 15 by the accused who had also raped the 14-year-old in December 2015. But due to careless behavior by the police who did not take any stringent action at that time the minor suffered the loss of her life this time.

The brutality of the crime was not only limited to rape, but she was forced to drink acid which led to her untimely death.

Delhi Dalit minor-girl raped two months ago diess

The family of the victim has submitted videos of how her girl was treated by the accused. In the video, the girl has stated that there were women who held her captive and assaulted her.

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The heinous condition of the crime has raised the outrage of the public but has also angered the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chairperson Swati Maliwal, who has lashed out her concerns about the issue of women’s safety.

She has raised the question of how many Nirbhaya’s will have to suffer before the police take some stringent action?

Along with this, she has also asked the center to come up with some strong law so that women can feel safe in the city again.

The anguished DCW has taken to her Twitter handle to post about the inconsolable parents who had to suffer the loss of their 14-year-old daughter and the untimely death because the DCP led the accused roam free even after he was accused of raping her in 2015.

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The Commission has directed a notice to the DCP (North) for not providing security to the helpless girl and for letting the abuse roam free in the street.

It has promised to take some action against the police as it failed to pay attention to the girl’s family who filed a complaint regarding the safety of their life on May 15. Other than this the police will also have to answer on why it did not register offenses under Section 3 of the SC and ST as it should have done.

The death of the Dalit girl not only blows the cover of the Delhi government which has time and again shown how the streets have become safe for girls after the Nirbhaya case but the careless attitude of the police who failed to pay much heed to the case.

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This recent case will again bring into light that forces and law which came into existence after the Nirbhaya case has failed to keep the streets of Delhi safe for the girl.

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