The Intrigue Behind Kim Jong Un’s Annual Recruitment of ‘Pretty Girls

The Intrigue Behind Kim Jong Un's Annual Recruitment of 'Pretty Girls

The report stated that when the girls were selected, they underwent medical tests to ensure they were virgins.

Kim Jong Un. According to The Mirror, Park asked Kim Jong Un to select 25 virgins every year to join his “Pleasure Squad”. More specifically, these women were chosen based on their appearance and politics. It was reported that Kim Jong-un was scouted twice by his “Pleasure Squad” but was not chosen due to family reasons.

They removed girls whose families had fled North Korea or had relatives in South Korea or other countries. When tested, “even a small flaw” such as a small scar can cause failure.

Kim jong Pleasure Squad

After rigorous testing, only a small number of girls from across North Korea were sent to Pyongyang in an attempt to meet the president’s wishes. One group was given massage training. The third group must have sex with the manager and other men, said the woman.

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While the most attractive girls were chosen to govern themselves, others were chosen to meet the needs of lower-level officials and politicians.

The report stated that the group’s work would end when the members reached the age of twenty-five. Some will often be the leader’s bodyguard.Ms Park explained that the origins of this “Pleasure Squad” date back to the 1970s, when Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, believed that “sex would make him immortal”. She died at the age of 70.

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