‘Panchayat 3’: Sachiv Ji’s Mysterious Disappearance From New Poster Sparks Fan Outrage

panchayat 3

Phulera, the fictional village that has become synonymous with the beloved web series “Panchayat,” is once again in the spotlight. As anticipation builds for the third season of this rural comedy-drama, fans were recently treated to a new poster.

However, one glaring omission has left them in a frenzy: Sachiv Ji, portrayed by the talented Abhishek Tripathi (also known as Jeetu Bhaiya), is conspicuously absent from the promotional artwork.

The New Poster:

The poster features the entire cast, including Pradhan Ji (played by Jitendra Kumar) and Manju Devi (portrayed by the legendary Neena Gupta). But where is Sachiv Ji? The absence of the beloved secretary has sparked speculation and disappointment among fans.

Fan Reactions:

Fans flooded social media with comments expressing their displeasure. Many questioned why Sachiv Ji was missing, while others playfully wondered if he had been “transferred.”

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Rumors abound that in “Panchayat 3,” Sachiv Ji might indeed be transferred from Phulera. Could a new Sachiv take over? Fans are eagerly awaiting answers.

Riteish Deshmukh’s Playful Tease:

Actor Riteish Deshmukh added to the intrigue by vying for the role of Phulera’s sachiv in a promotional video. He humorously campaigned for the position, claiming that no one could be more homely than him. Will Riteish be the new Sachiv?

As the countdown to the third season begins, fans eagerly await the unfolding drama in Phulera. Will Sachiv Ji return? What adventures lie ahead? All will be revealed when “Panchayat 3” premieres on Amazon Prime Video on May 28.