Bitcoin Could Reach $100K if Key Rate Falls Below 7%

Bitcoin Could Reach $100K if Key Rate Falls Below 7%

According to at least one analyst, there is simply one major aspect to be able to decide if Bitcoin can wreck its all-time excessive charge of $73,700 later in 2024. And all of it comes right down to a key interest rate set by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Timothy Peterson, founder of Cane Island Alternative Advisors, told Cointelegraph, “The U.S. High yield price wishes to drop below 6 or 7% for Bitcoin to set a sustainable new all-time high charge.” The excessive yield price displays riskier corporate bonds and their default hazard.

At the moment, the U.S. Excessive yield charge stands at 7.54%. Peterson predicts that if this price falls into the 6-7% range, Bitcoin may want to leap past $100,000 by Q4 2024 or Q2 2025 at the modern day.

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The Fed’s Crucial Role

Typically, when the Federal Reserve lowers interest costs, the excessive yield rate also drops. Around -thirds of economists assume the Fed to reduce rates in September based totally on a current Reuters survey.

Lower charges make secure funding options like bonds less appealing to investors seeking returns. This drives them closer to riskier assets like Bitcoin in search of higher profits. Currently, Bitcoin trades at $61,871, down five% during the last month.

Election Uncertainty Looms

Peterson cautions that markets tend to be “flat and volatile” from September through October. But with the approaching U.S. Election in November, he expects “uncertainty might be higher through October” until polls close.

Not all analysts agree that Fed rate cuts universally boost non-constant profits assets although. As analyst Scott Melker notes, “Rate cuts usually precede most important dips” across broader markets.

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