Watch: Singer Olivia Rodrigo’s leather bra top busts open while performing live on stage!

Songster Olivia Rodrigo recently went through a wardrobe malfunction. In the middle of her Guts World Tour, Olivia’s leather bra top came unfastened and she held onto the piece of leather tightly to her chest!

Despite the embarrassing moment, the singer didn’t let it bog her down and took it all in good spirits.

The Show Must Go On

The ‘deja vu’ singer had an oops moment on stage as her black-colored Helles Belle leather bra top came completely undone while she was performing “Love is Embarrassing.” 

The singer took the moment in good humor and shouted out to the audience – “This is f—ing embarrassing!” it is iconic how her bra came undone and she had to face an embarrassing moment while performing “Love is Embarrassing.”

A dancer came to Olivia’s aid and attempted to re-fasten her bra but failed. However, Olivia didn’t stop her performance.

She went on to perform her hit song which required a lot of energy and dance moves while clutching her bra top to her chest so that it doesn’t fall off. However, at the end of her performance, her bra was set back in place.

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Fans’ react to Olivia’s wardrobe malfunction

As Olivia Rodrigo finished her song, she laughed it off and said to the audience – “I almost just flashed you! That’s so embarrassing.”

One fan commented – “this was the perfect song for this to happen to.”

“The dancer desperately chasing after her trying to fix it killed me😂😂,” wrote another.

A third one added – “She said the show MUST GO ON.”

Several fans said that this wasn’t the first time someone experienced a wardrobe malfunction while performing this song. A fan wrote – “why is everyone’s top malfunctioning during love is embarrassing, it happened to one of her dancers a few months ago 😭.”

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