Imran Khan and Lekha Washington Moving In Together After Five Years

Imran Khan and Lekha Washington

Bollywood actor Imran Khan recently revealed that After living solo for the past five years following his divorce from Avantika Malik, is now all set to move in with his girlfriend, Lekha Washington.

In an interview on comedian Raunaq Rajani’s YouTube channel, Imran shared, “My relationship status (is that) I am seeing somebody. I am currently in the process of moving into a new apartment. I have been living solo for the past five years.” When asked if they are moving in together, Imran confirmed, “We are in the process of moving into the new apartment together.”

The couple’s relationship blossomed during the Covid pandemic, and now they are ready to take the next step. Imran admitted that living with someone after years of solitude has its challenges. He humorously mentioned, “Still in the process… Which, for those who have done this sort of thing know, has all of its weirdness and awkwardness. The part of the thing is that I am older now and I have spent enough time getting really set in my ways. I have been living alone for the last five years, so I got super into the minimalism thing — as few things, as few objects I could possibly have at my home.”

Imran, who once owned only three plates, is now adjusting to the idea of sharing space with Lekha. He quipped, “Now that we are moving in together, I’m like, ‘Alright, we need more things’.” Perhaps their new apartment will soon boast 15 plates!

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