Star Plus’ ‘Ishqbaaz’- A seasaw ride of emotions, deceit, and hope

“Isqbaaaz” is an Indian daily soap which is aired on Star Plus Monday to Saturday at 10.00 PM IST.

The serial features Leenesh L Mattoo, Kunal Jaisingh, Nakuul Mehta who portray the characters of Rudra, Omkara, and Shivaay who are the three scions of the Oberoi kin.

TV actor Nakuul Mehta is a well-known name on the small screen and was featured in the hit TV series Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara, and is currently seen playing the lead role of Shivaay in “Ishqbaaz.”

Surbhi Chandna has stolen the thunder with her powerful role as Anika.

The story revolves around a wealthy business family, the Oberoi folks. The family is composed of two brothers and their wives. The elder brother Tej is happily married but is also in an illicit relationship with his Secretary Svetlana. Tej’s married life is eventless and worse he has to deal with the drinking bouts of his wife Jaanvi but holds on to his marriage because of their three kids.


The eldest son Omkara is a sculptor and also wealthy but has a history of Drug abuse. He hates his father and all which he holds dear. Rudra is the Oberoi’s second son and like all boys of his age is a fitness freak and loves partying. He is flirtatious, never into any serious relationship and does not believe in the concept of marriage.

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The third scion of the Oberoi kin is Shakti who is married to Pinky. Their son Shivaay is the public face of the Oberoi conglomerate. He is a tough, no-nonsense and arrogant business tycoon with his set of idiosyncrasies.  He resembles his uncle in his attitude and gives much importance to the lineage which is his benchmark for judging any person. Though not a romantic, he is engaged to Tia Kapoor.


They also have a daughter Priyanka who is sweet and cuddly young girl but is loaded with anxiety disorder and fear of being in the limelight.

This completes the Oberoi family and the latest thrust of the household or to say Tej and Pinky are to establish their respective sons firmly to be in the driving seat of their business empire.  This leads to frequent frictions between the families but in spite of all the conflicts the brothers share an unusually strong bond with each other. Shivaay, in particular, has a dog-like devotion to the family name, and when it there is any threat to it, he is at his best, a ruthless tycoon who has no remorse or tenderness towards his opponents.

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Shivaay is always daggers drawn with Anika who is a middle-class girl who is into catering business which is her hobby as well as means for livelihood for herself and her adopted brother Saahil. Omkara is in a tight spot, in a relationship with a Gujrati girl Ishana who is duping him of his money. The youngest Oberoi, Rudra is in a relationship with a Marathi girl Soumya who also happens to be the granddaughter of a friend of Rudra’s grandmother. Anika is a regular visitor to the Oberoi’s sprawling mansion since she is in charge of the preparation for the wedding of Shivaay and Tia.

Things are turning ugly, and the nocturnal forays of Tej with his secretary Svetlana are being recorded, and Shivaay is blackmailed, and a hefty sum of money was demanded, or the videos will be made public. Shivaay agrees to pay the money to save the prestige of his family. However, the video is leaked to the media and all hell breaks loose in the close-knit Oberoi family. Pinky cajoles Janhvi to come out of her cocoon of alcoholism and gain the love of Tej which will keep him away from Svetlana.  N the times of hardship even the brothers Tej and Shakti get closer to their elder brother.

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