2 more people test positive in Hubli, one in Keshwapur

The world is fighting against the deadly virus, Corona. Each individual has been surviving the lockdown and it’s been more than a month. We all are waiting for a day, that single doomsday –where each country will declare themselves infection-free from this deadly disease. And that day isn’t far where each of us will breathe in the fresh air, walk on those roads to miles up the journey.

Two more persons tested positive for COVID-19 in Hubballi on Thursday.

Two more persons tested positive for COVID-19 in Hubballi on Thursday.

Two more persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in Hubballi on Thursday.

According to Deputy Commissioner Deepa Cholan, a 30-year-old woman from Mulla Oni and also a 13-year-old girl from Azad Colony in Keshwapur have tested positive. They are being treated at the KIMS hospital in Hubballi. Both were the contacts of P236, who traveled to Delhi and other places.

100 meters from the place has been sealed. A Three km radius from Mulla Oni has been declared as a containment zone.

The Hubballi Times quoted a neighbor of the 13-year-old COVID patient in Azad Colony as saying, “The girl had gone to her maternal uncle’s house in Mulla Oni for vacation. After his uncle tested positive for the coronavirus, his entire family members, including the girl, were sent to a government quarantine center. After around 15 days, she tested positive today.”

Karnataka eases lockdown restrictions

Karnataka Chief Minister Yediyurappa has announced orders to ease down the restriction on the lockdown from April 23, 2020. Districts have been classified into three zones, red, green and blue. The red zone districts are those where the coronavirus cases are active and the lockdown restrictions are not applicable here.

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