NASA grows radishes in space under microgravity

NASA grows radishes in space under microgravity

The international space station has allowed researchers to grow and experiment with plants in microgravity.

NASA experiments new research at Europe’s Colombus module, which bought forward an advanced study of plants growing in microgravity.

Facts of space-eating

According to the facts, astronauts face huge trouble cooking their own food or carrying a bunch of fresh eatables. Their preparations vary as stated by food types, like brownies, fruits that can be consumed in their natural form. At the same time, other foods require adding water, macaroni, and cheese like additions.

Like salt and pepper, condiments are available but in a liquid form, as they cannot be a sprinkler float away. This can be dangerous, which leads to clogging astronauts’ air vents. Or get stuck in the eyes, mouth, or nose, says NASA guidelines.

Plants are the best responders to the red and blue lights

The international space station has allowed researchers to grow and experiment with plants in microgravity. That showed plants counter best to red and blue light, reads the Columbus module. The reason behind this is due to the plants having no gravity to rootstock them in soil. It requires seeding them in ‘pillows’ for equal distribution of fertilizer and water to their roots.

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Consequently, Hindustan Times mentioned Radishes were chosen as a model of the plantation. As they have a short duration of cultivation, containing similar genetical habitat in the space studies, Arabidopsis. Radishes are high in antioxidants, nutrients with a good amount of vitamin C, and an ever-ready harvest.

Plants can grow with the help of LED lights as a source of energy

The Advanced Research on the growth of plant habitat, implemented with a process equipped with LED lights, porous clay, over 180 sensors, and cameras installed, by NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

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