Hoarse voice and other changes that indicate COVID-19

Hoarse voice and other changes that indicate COVID-19

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While the second pandemic wave strikes India and shatters the economy, its effects on the body seem to be even worse. The number of symptoms is seen to increase and expand its path with each day.

A mere change can now be a COVID symptom. Since this time, it has not restricted itself to taking only older lives but extended its evil arms towards the lives of the youth too. The future of the country is at risk. So, the present scenario requires extreme attention on the slightest change to detect the virus early and bring down the mortality rate.

The Times of India has recently reported the change with the voice of a COVID patient.

Unusual voice change:

The patient’s voice seems to become worse before the onset of other symptoms like fever, cough, loss of smell and taste, and others. The new mutants of the virus are assumed to be the reason for all of these further complications. Other than the hoarseness, the voice might become raspy and croaky. In a few people, the pitch of the voice has been noted to undergo drastic changes, even changing the sound at times.

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Scientific Reasons behind the change:

The virus infects and destroys the tissues of the larynx leading to such a change in the voice. Neglect to such conditions leads to an increase in the damage, thus worsening the situation. Also, late detection of COVID leads to a higher risk of spreading the infection to those close to the COVID suspect.

Thus, all should get a COVID test done in case of the slightest changes in voice or even a very mild fever. Also, masks are mandatory for such people to put the spread on halt. Until we win against the coronavirus, let us try all safety measures to better us and the country. 

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