Cyclone ‘Yaas’ likely to intensify into very severe cyclonic storm

There have been havoc discussions over cyclone “Yaas” since the media published articles and news regarding the same. The name of the cyclone has often been misspelled as “Yash” and the common public got involved in being scared and thus spreading more of such misinformation. All of what has been conveyed to the public is not right as said by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). The has recently spoken about everything that actually is true about the cyclone name “Yaas”.

The rumor about “Yaas”:

The cyclone was reported to be a super cyclone hitting the Sunderbans and creating severe damage to lives and property. This spread faster than the speed of light and the social media flooded with the information that a super cyclone, stronger than the “Amphan” would hit Bengal and Bangladesh between May 23 and May 25, 2021. The news even specified the existence of a depression in the Bay of Bengal which would take the form of a super clone. Now, why did this hit people and their attention so fast? The main reason is that India is now fighting a pandemic with very low weapons to fight. In this scenario, there have already been cyclones, forest fires, earthquakes, and so on. Only the previous year, the cyclone Amphan has nearly damaged Bengal from which Bengal has survived and raised her head all over again. Cyclone Tauktae had not been a past yet and have caused damage in the western parts of the country. Now in this type of situation, people are scared to death and the only thing everybody is worried about is the life of themselves and their loved ones. This resulted in panic due to the rumor.

Truth reported by the IMD:

The IMD has clearly mentioned that there is no report of any severe damage yet. The only noticeable fact is the prediction regarding the formation of a low-pressure area around May 22, 2021. This is yet to be predicted as something dangerous, thus no warnings need to be given yet. In case there are any such changes that have the potential of threatening the lives and property of an area, the IMD will report it and no such rumors should be trusted without IMD’s approval of the fact. Also, there would not be a cyclone if the low-pressure area does not form a depression and thus there is nothing to be worried about yet.

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