Rat-Cage Heels: The Viral Craze Taking the Internet by Storm with 107 million Views

Rat-Cage Heels: The Viral Craze Taking the Internet by Storm with 107 Million Views

A video of a woman wearing heels with live rats caged at the New York Fashion Week has caused a stir online.

In a bizarre fashion-forward twist, a video of a woman wearing rat-cage heels at the New York Fashion Week has surfaced online. Shared by Instagram user Janette Ok on February 10, the video has gone wild viral with over 100 million views so far.

The viral video shows a woman confidently flaunting this unusual footwear with rat-cages attached to her boots. So much so that fake rats were seen trapped in the cages as well. While sharing the video, Janette captioned it as, “If Ratatouille had a fashionable plot twist.”

These ‘rat-cage’ heels, however, have triggered several discussions among social media users.

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The Instagram video quickly went viral, and fashion enthusiasts expressed their opinions in the comments section of the post. Several sections of social media users embraced this ‘bold’ footwear and said, “I like your personality.” “A friendly fashion statement for the NYC ecosystem,” another person said. While other people criticized the woman for wearing those heels. “Animal abuse,” a user said.

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“Even if the rats are not real, why promote such a thing? I can’t understand how brainless some human beings can be,” another user said. “What I thought animal testing was like,” a comment read. “These remind me of shoes I saw long ago (I’m 76!) and instead of cages, they had fishbowls with goldfish in them,” a fashion enthusiast said.

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