87th birthday of Ruskin Bond celebrated across the world

Ruskin Bond
87th birthday of Ruskin Bond celebrated across the world

Wednesday, May 19, 2021, marks the 87th anniversary of our respected author, Ruskin Bond. He indeed is India’s most beloved storyteller, as mentioned by hindustantimes.com. He has been writing since 1964 and has successfully received love and respect from every reader around the globe. He has written about his immense love for the hilly areas; he has been a romantic author when it came to falling in love with ladies in the railway station. He has always romanticized life in the hilly areas and has written while being very near to Mussoorie. His way of portraying his feelings in a British language and pattern has astonished many. His writings are fresh and have the power of taking us to a life in the hills and helping us connect with each word of his. He is known for his simple writing patterns, which have not been limited to adults but could take away the attention of all the child readers.

Celebrating Bond, Ruskin Bond:

Different media have been celebrating the birthday of this gentleman in their ways. For example, deccanherald.com has brought out five books that might change our way of thinking about the person while also educating us about love and life. The books are: “How to be a writer” which describes the point of view of Bond that is required to become a good author, “A song of India” tells his story before he went to England, “Hop on: my adventures on boats, trains, and planes” is a book that takes readers to the early adventures of the young author, “Mukesh starts a zoo” is a short story for children and a must-read for everyone, and “The room of the roof” is his very first novel which made him the “Ruskin Bond” for every reader.

The most loved author:

Reading Bond takes us to his simple world, helps us view life as it really is, and helps us imagine everything beautiful hidden inside this great big world. His stories are a good collection for children’s mental health as they describe his adventures and let them be happy through creative thinking of the places and adventures mentioned by him. He has still been writing and has written for about half a century conquering the minds and hearts of people who read him and wait to read even more.

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