Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s 249th birth anniversary celebrated

Raja Ram Mohan Roy's 249th birth anniversary celebrated

Whenever we speak of the renaissance in India, the first person that comes to our minds is the great Bengali “Raja”, Raja Ram Mohan Roy. He first came to be known as the “Father of Bengal Renaissance,” and then he became the “Father of Indian Renaissance” as well as the “Father of Modern India“. He was a renowned man and highly educated man; he was fluent in several languages like Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, English, Bengali, and Hindi. He received the title of “Raja,” meaning “the king” from a Mughal Emperor, Akbar II. He is known to have fought against several orthodox beliefs from a very young age and was against idol worship, superstitious beliefs, blind faith without reasoning, and black magic. May 22, 2021, marks his 249th birth anniversary, and the day has been marked with a special tribute by the columns of cityspidey.com.

The early life of Roy:

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born on May 22, 1772, near Krinanagar, at Radhanagar, in Bengal. He learned several scriptures from different religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc, and finally spread the message of unity and rationality. “Tuhfat-ul- Muwahhidin” was his very first book published in 1803 to argue about “Monotheism.” He battled against every orthodox preaching till his very last breath. He died on September 27, 1833, in England.

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His works:

He was the one behind the ban of the “Sati” in British India. He was also the founder of the “Brahmo Samaj” which helped people get out of the old beliefs and encouraged a better life education. The Samaj did not let people discriminate amongst themselves on any ground and also established female education. He courageously stood against child marriage, polygamy, dowry, and the purdah system. He wrote Persian scriptures and had fluency in several other languages that he used to spread his messages. He was the founder of the newspaper “Sambad Koumudi”. His ways and his works made a huge difference and made a new India. Mentioning all his works would take a lifetime so here are only the most known of all. Let us all remember the man on his birth anniversary and try our own efforts to abolish evil from society.

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