Hubli Knights Ladies Circle 143 donates flour mill to a widow

A lady who has lost her husband in this pandemic was so devastated and helpless. HKLC 143
decided to help and set up a flour mill for her livelihood.

The members looked satisfied and happy today looking at the happiness surrounded and smiles all around.

The project was inaugurated by Ladies Circle India National President LMF Cr Swapna Rajesh.
ACP Cr Nanda, ACP Elect Cr Nisha, Chairperson Cr. Panna Pawar were amongst the guests.  HKLC 143 Circlers Cr. Nisha, Rajashree Jadi, Pallavi, Poonam, Sakina, Sandhya, and Sumitra were also present.

Ladies Circle is a non-political and non-sectarian organization made up of the wives of members of Round Table. It offers opportunities for serving the community, fostering and strengthening friendships between like-minded young women and helps create a better understanding of the obligations one owes to society.

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