Taiwanese and Japanese artists come together to collaborate at ‘Taiwan NOW’

Taiwanese and Japanese artists come together to collaborate at ‘Taiwan NOW’

Taiwan NOW is an art exchange program, which will begin on Saturday (Oct. 2) in Taiwan combining all the virtual and real spaces in Taiwan and Japan. It will present the works done by the collaboration of artists from both countries.

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) of Taiwan, the Arts Foundation (NCAF), and the National Culture and the Cultural Taiwan Foundation (TCTF) have been planning for this event for over the last two years. As per the reports of Radio Taiwan International (RTI), it was scheduled alongside the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will now be organized from October through December.

About The Event

The theme of the program is “Flower and Blessings”, which will focus the works in areas such as modern art, music, and drama. As per the reports of CNA, in the press conference for Taiwan NOW, the representative of Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Izumi Hiroyasu said this theme reminds him of a gift from Taiwan of white lilies to Japan every year since the latter’s 311 earthquakes in 2011.

The series of exhibitions will begin with the presentation of Taiwan Design “Fictional Garden: Taiwan House,” by the Center at Tokyo’s Good Design Marunouchi. The exhibition will focus on the works that combine Taiwanese designs and social issues and the six forums.

The next event will be at the Kitte shopping center, next to the Tokyo Station from Oct. 30 to Nov. 14 as per RTI. The Taiwanese artist Michael Lin (林明弘) will be joining the Japanese architects from Atelier Bow-Wow for the presentation of an installation titled “Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020),” in the Kitte courtyard. This will have everyday items such as stools and tables infused with some traditional Taiwanese fabric patterns on them.

Online Taiwan NOW events will be held on Oct. 30. This will be divided into four sections which are a virtual atrium, music hall, theatre, and cinema. In the virtual atrium, the “Human Flower will greet the audience” while the music hall will feature a “Taiwanese” concert.

Taiwanese and Japanese artists collaborate in 'Taiwan NOW'

The virtual theatre will have an experimental audiovisual work entitled “Roaming Transmigration,” The cinema was co-created by the NAXS Corporation and the Digital Art Foundation. This will feature videos, animations, and some short films by Taiwanese artists.

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