New video shows Dallas paramedic kick a homeless man multiple times

Dallas Paramedic Kicked a Homeless Guy at Least 9 Times, Before Police Came.jpg

A report from MSN says, After a video leaked of him kicking a homeless guy in the head, a Dallas paramedic was placed on administrative leave.

Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedic Brad Cox kicked Kyle Vess while he was lying in front of police officers in August 2019 as they prepared to arrest him. Cox’s physical force was more aggressive and protracted in the latest footage than previously known, raising questions about the fire department’s handling.

Brad Cox was placed on administrative leave while the fire department continues to investigate. This is not the first time he was accused of bad conduct.

Everything Was Recorded

A 20-second  first video clip shows In Vess is seated on the curb of an I-30 frontage road in West Dallas. Nearby, a fire truck was already parked. Firefighters were dispatched to a huge grassfire, according to police. The Dallas Morning News narrated what happened. Then the second clip shows that Vess lies in the grass while Cox is killing a tiny fire.

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After two minutes, Vess approaches Cox, who extends his hand to him. Cox looks to be thrown something by Vess, and thing bounces on the grass. As another firefighter stands nearby, Vess assumes a fighter’s stance and advances toward Cox, and both men disappear after a few seconds.

The following scenes were captured on police body camera with audio.

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