El Paso 3rd Safest Place To Live In the US – Texas Least Expensive To Do Business

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Texas has attracted many business owners for its business-friendly corporate tax laws and good crime score record.
According to recent research, El Paso is the third safest city in the United States to live in. El Paso was named the third safest large city in the United States, behind Henderson, Nevada, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, according to AdvisorSmith, which used FBI statistics.

Texas Corporate Tax Laws are Business Friendly

According to an Enterprise Cloud survey, Texas is the least expensive city to conduct a business in. Texas attributes its tax policies and utility costs to other big cities, and the state’s corporation tax is business-friendly, Fox 44 News reported
According to Investopedia data, Texas has extremely low company taxes compared to most states, and there is no personal income tax.

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Texas Least Expensive To Do Business
Texas Least Expensive To Do Business [Image Credit: Nate Hovee/Pexels]
For small enterprises, the news is much brighter. For enterprises whose sales do not surpass specified levels, the already low business tax rate is reduced or eliminated entirely. This might help a small business that is just getting started to get through those difficult early years.

Good Record of Crime and Violent Score

The study looked at 3,000 cities, analyzed crime rates, and calculated a crime score. Cities are graded based on their crime rates. El Paso had a violent crime rate of 11.4 per 1,000 population, a property crime score of 12.4, and a recorded crime score of 45.7.

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