Alleged Uighur Separatists Slash People with Knives at a Train Station In China, 33 Dead

More than 10 attackers slashed huge numbers of people with knives at a train station in China killing 33 people and wounded around 130, according to reports.


The police fire started soon after and they gunned down four assailants and arrested on. The hunt us on for the other assailants of the attack that happened on Saturday at the Kunming train station in Yunnan province.

Most of the attackers came dressed in black and started attacking the passengers and people of the station late on Saturday evening.

Witnesses claim to have seen attackers slash the necks of the victims with what they called watermelon and fruit knives. The municipal government was quoted saying that it was more of a terrorist attack carried out Xinjiang separatist forces.

Authorities are considering the attack with a planned, organized and premeditated one. Xinhua News Agency of the state also reported that Politburo member Meng Jianzhu has arrived on Sunday and has met the wounded at the hospital.

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The Security Management Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security has issued a statement stating that police will crack the crimes without any tolerance.

Four to five suspects are assumed to shot dead, but their identities have not been confirmed by the authorities yet. Xinhua News Agency reported that 29 of the dead are civilians.

The western region of Xinjiang is known to be home to rebellions of Chinese rule, and the attacks are being blamed on Uighur separatists. The assault on Saturday happened around 1,000 kilometers to the southeast in Yunnan, which is not known for such turbulence.



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