China Lockdowns Yuzhou, A City Of 1.17 Million People With Just 3 Covid Cases

China Lockdowns Yuzhou, A City Of 1.17 Million People With Just 3 Covid Cases
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A complete and strict lockdown ensued in Yuzhou, a city with around 1.17 million people in Henan province, after the reports of just 3 cases of Covid 19 in the city from Monday. China was the first country to report the first Covid 19 virus infection case. Since then, the whole world has beard the virus outbreak and millions of deaths from the deadly virus.

China reports a sharp increase in Covid cases

Since March 2020, China has seen an all-time low number of Covid cases. The government has brilliantly controlled the virus outbreak in the past year. But recently, since December 9, more than 1,600 cases have been reported in Xi’an. Another 175 new Covid-19 cases were reported on Tuesday, including five in Henan province and eight more in a separate cluster linked to a garment factory in the eastern city of Ningbo.

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China takes a strict toll on Corona cases rise in the country

Chinese government played a strict game with its citizens to avoid future casualties. Many flights have already been canceled on the eve of raging covid cases. With the lockdown in Yuzhou city in Henan province and according to a statement posted on Monday, people in the central area “must not go out”. The city had already announced that it was halting bus and taxi services and closing shopping malls, museums, and tourist attractions.

Meanwhile, all communities will set up “sentinels and gates to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures”.
China’s disciplinary body announced that dozens of officials were punished for failure to prevent the outbreak in the city.
The recent firing of two senior Communist officials over not showing rigor for stamping the outbreak further shows the determination and extremity of the government to stagnate the spread in China.

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