President Biden On The US Economy; ‘Republicans Have Done Nothing But Try To Obstruct The Country’s Economic Recovery’

On January 10, 2022, President Joe Biden took to the podium and spoke about the economic growth and the record growth in the creation of jobs since the last several decades.

Record creation of the jobs

He said that a record number of people joined the labor forces in America. The number of people who joined the labor forces has built up fastest since the year 1996. Also, the biggest increase in the labor forces is among the age group of 25-54, which comprises the prime age group for the workers. According to him, this is the highest participation of people in the last 43 years. This was a record in the number of job creations in the labor forces and the decline in unemployment.

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Also, the wage gains by men and women have set another record for the workers in some of the toughest jobs compared to the last four decades.

Words for Republicans

President Biden also condemned the acts of the opposition party, the Republican Party, who were trying to bad-mouth the recovery. According to him, they were reacting in this way because the legislation made it happen. He further added that they voted against the tax cuts for middle-class families. The people in the opposition voted against the money required to reopen schools and to vaccinate frontline warriors with booster doses.

Vaccination and people going back to their mundane life

Biden mentioned that about 200 million people are fully vaccinated and have resumed returning to their workplaces. This has happened when America is coping and emerging from wave after wave of the pandemic. America has reported more than 1 Million cases as of January 10, 2022.

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Criticism on social media

On Saturday, January 8, 2022, the official Twitter account of the White House shared a stat showing the increase in the number of jobs opportunities i.e., 550,000 jobs over a year created under the Biden government. Also, in another tweet, it was claimed that this number is the highest since 1939.

However, the citizens criticized and mocked about providing this ill information. Several have accused the White House of the lack of accuracy in this data. Some people even said that they are running propaganda by spreading such lies.

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