Donald Trump Accused Of Conspiracy During 2020 Elections

A committee in the US accused former President Donald Trump of engaging in a criminal conspiracy. This committee is said to inspect the Capitol insurrection. According to their report, Trump and their subordinates are indulged in a conspiracy of delaying the certification of the 2020 elections. They are doing so to turn the election results in their favour. The claim detailed an attempt to prevent Biden’s victory from being certified.

Filing of the committee

This January 6 committee has submitted a 221-page report in the California district court. This report states that during the 2020 elections Trump knows that he had not won enough votes to be elected as president again. They accused Trump in the answer of a lawsuit by a lawyer and consultant, John Eastman. As Trump attempted to invalidate the 2020 election, Eastman spoke with him. Eastman has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to keep records from the January 6 committee.

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Significance Of The Filing

The US Department of Justice has prosecuted hundreds of people with various felonies for their roles in the US Capitol riot, but it has not said whether it will pursue charges against Trump. The committee can only investigate the matter, not charge them. The brief aimed to disprove Eastman’s assertions of attorney-client privilege in his attempt to keep papers from the committee on January 6. Interviews with a number of key Trump aides, including former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, are mentioned in the document.