Donald Trump looking for female running-mate: To counter Kamala Harris?

Three women will compete against former President Donald Trump.

Former US President Donald Trump, returning to the Presidency, wants to run for a female vice presidential candidate if he wins the 2024 Republican election. Donald Trump clashed with Vice President Mike Pence and both opposed each other’s rhetoric.

As Donald Trump’s campaign ramps up ahead of the election, three women can compete with the former president – Marjorie Taylor Green, Elise Sturt tells The Times, Van Nick and Christy Noam. The first two are two strong supporters of Donald Trump and have introduced measures to the House of Representatives to try to remove the two impeachment clauses against Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the Governor of South Dakota. Christy Noam is hailed as the most popular governor among the general electorate for his leadership as governor since 2019. He has supported many right-wing projects over the past few years.

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Donald Trump aims to increase his appeal among undecided young women by selecting a woman to run for office. She didn’t do much with female voters in 2020 and fell far behind Joe Biden.

This time, support among female voters rose significantly to 44 percent after — and Joe Biden’s support, up from 39 percent last year increased to 44 percent. shows that a woman running in pairs can solidify her place among younger women.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz told The Times that the decision was important because “the vice president doesn’t matter, but the election matters again as the president approaches his eighties.”

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