World Most Powerful And Worst Passports To Have In 2022

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Travelling has again become a luxury in this age as Covid-19 has made away in our lives. All the tests, restrictions, vaccines and health issues along with fear of infection have made travelling to another country a hectic and expensive task.

Furthermore, mandatory quarantine and flux of covid cases in a country have also become a determining factor in a journey to other nations.
Here is the list of the visa scores of passports of countries and their ranks accordingly for being the worst and powerful passports to have.

Japan tops the list of being the most powerful passports of all

Japan has yet again topped the list as the most powerful passport. This means Japanese citizens can travel to as many as 192 countries visa-free or visa-on-arrival access destinations around the world.
Singapore has tied with Japan in the first place with the same score of 192.

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For the second place on the list South Korea ties with Germany in second place with a score of 190.

At the third position Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain are tied with regard to the 3rd most powerful passports in the world with a visa-free score of 189.

Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden with a score of 188 secure fourth position. Followed by a score of 187, Ireland and Portugal tie at the fifth position
The United Kingdom and the United States stand firm as the sixth most powerful passports along with Belgium, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland with a score of 186
Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta followed next with a 185 score

The worst passports in the list: Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Korea remain at the bottom

Afghanistan with the rank of 111 continues to be in the ‘worst passports to hold’ category having a visa-free score of 26. Though, with the Taliban government in Afghanistan, it doesn’t come as a pure shock.

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North Korea with a score of 39 holds 104 positions on the list.

Nepal and Palestinian territories follow next with a score of 37. Then at 106 with a score of 34 is Somalia followed by 33 scores of Yemen

Pakistan comes at 108 ranks with a low visa-free score of 31 on the list.
Whereas its neighbor India has improved its position from 90 to 83 in the list with a visa-free score of 60.

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