China deploys 10 satellites to search for missing Malaysian flight

The mystery continues over the missing Malaysia Airlines plane as China deployed about 10 high-resolution satellites to locate the missing flight with 239 people on board.

Xi’an Satellite Monitor and Control Centre of China launched the emergency response for the search and adjusted nearly 10 high-resolution satellites over the South China Sea where the plane which is feared to have crashed on Saturday.

The original commands of many satellites that offer weather monitoring, communication and other such things have been changed for the search. The missing Boeing 777-200 Flight MH370 had 227 passengers on board, including five Indians.

The foreign ministry of China requested that Malaysia should speed up the search in view of the situation of the Chinese passengers’ families. He accepted that the Chinese government is more responsible naturally as there are 150 Chinese passengers.

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Since the missing plane belongs to Malaysia Airlines, the spokesperson of the ministry reasoned that the Malaysian side is expected to take the major responsibility of the search and rescue work.

China dispatched coast guard, rescue ships, naval vessels and cargo ships are expected to arrive at the suspected waters.

About 10 countries are involved in search operations with 34 planes and 40 ships. Even Andaman Sea is being searched as the radar data indicated that the plane may have turned to head back to Kuala Lumpur.

The issue of two people with stolen passports among those who boarded the plane is also being investigated.

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