‘World Meteorological Day 2022’ History, Significance, Importance, Themes

The world is ready to celebrate “World Meteorological Day 2022”. This day is celebrated on March 23 all over the world. This day is celebrated raise awareness about Earth’s environmental conditions.


“World Meteorological Day” is celebrated every year to celebrate the establishment of the WMO, founded 72 years ago. On March 23, 1950, WMO was founded and its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. WMO became a United Nations (UN) specialized agency in 1951. The first “World Meteorological Day” was celebrated on March 23, 1961. WMO currently has 193 countries as its members. WMO focuses on the Earth’s climate change with weather, climate, water, and environment.


The celebration of “World Meteorological Day” is significant as it is dedicated to raising awareness about the earth’s environmental conditions. It also stresses the point that a cross-border approach is essential to make progress on climate change globally. Therefore, it’ll help in global climatic change.


The celebration theme of “World Meteorological Day” is different every year. This year, the theme of the celebration is ‘Early Warning and Early Action’. According to WMO, the theme is decided to keep the Covid-19 pandemic in mind. Hence, the challenges faced by society got complicated as it has weakened the coping mechanisms.

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