‘World Theatre Day’- The day of Art and Entertainment

“World Theatre Day” is celebrated every year on March 27. The International Theatre Institute (ITI) identified this day in 1961. The day celebrates the soul, beauty, and their role in entertainment. The day celebrates the impact of theatre on a man’s life. The theatre combines various forms of arts and presents those for a real stage experience.


The theatre has been a popular form of art and entertainment since the times of ancient Greece. The date March 27 is well known for the celebration of “World Theatre Day”. ITI promoted through its centres and theatre communities all over the world supported this. This was done on the footsteps of President Arvi Kivima at the ninth World Congress of ITI, Vienna in 1961.

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The day aims to promote all the forms of arts across the world. It focuses on spreading the awareness of the value of the theatre. The day aims to share the joy with everyone. The International Theatre Institute(ITI) urges communities to promote their theatre work on a broader scale to make people and the governments aware of this form of art. It helps to promote all the forms of theatre across the world.

Celebration of the 60th Anniversary

ITI has announced that the Centres and the General Secretariat of ITI will organise the 60th anniversary online. This year, “World Theatre Day” focuses on emerging artists from all the continents. Therefore, ITI has invited several emerging artists from various countries to participate in this celebration.

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Theatre forms in India

The most famous theatre forms in India are:-

Bhavai from Gujarat

Jatra from West Bengal

Kathakali from Kerala

Ramlila from northern India

Raas Leela from Assam

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