‘International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance for Mine Action’

“International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance for Mine Action” is celebrated on April 4 every year. On December 8, 2005, the General Assembly declared this day for the celebration. This day spreads awareness about the landmines’ threats and ensures the safety of the civilians.



On December 8, 2005, the UN General Assembly declared that April 4 would be officially observed as “International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance for Mine Action.” It was observed on April 4, 2006, for the first time globally. Under the assistance of the UN, some relevant organizations are working toward eliminating the threats to the lives of civilians and peacekeepers. Moreover, they managed to do this successfully with several pertinent organizations’ continuous support and assistance.

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The objective of this day is to make the world free from landmines and explosives. This is important so that people and communities can live in a safe environment. The mine action helps the peacemakers to bring out a change in the world. They help to provide a fearless and risk-free environment where one mistake can cost their lives. Altogether, 12 UN Departments and Offices of the Secretariat, specialized agencies, funds, and programs play a significant role in 30 countries and 3 territories while working on this.


This year the theme for the “International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance for Mine Action” 2022 is Safe Ground, Safe Steps, Safe Home. The UN Secretary-General launched this campaign in 2019. It aims to clear the Earth of landmines and other explosive hazards to ensure a safe environment. Safe Steps is the program that describes the process of deminers walking in areas to apply new technology. Hence, this technology helps them remove explosives—this day aware of every one of the hazardous effects of landmines. 

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