‘Panchavalsara Padhathi’ review: a simple story with an entertaining twist!

'Panchavalsara Padhathi' review; a simple story with an entertaining twist!

Malayalam comedy-drama ‘Panchavalsara Padhathi’ was released on April 26, 2024, in theatres. Featuring Siju Wilson and PP Kunhikrishnan in prominent roles, the film is directed by PG Premlal.

‘Panchavalsara Padhathi’ offers a fresh perspective to an ordinary plotline

The film’s story revolves around Sanoj (played by Siju Wilson), who runs an Akshaya Centre in his village. One day, the villagers start having visions of Kalambasuran, a local legend.

What could be the possible meaning behind these sudden visions? And what impact would it have on the villagers’ minds seeped in superstitions?

Incorporating down-to-earth life stories with an underlying societal message has become a trend for small-budget films. ‘Panchavalsara Padhathi‘ aims to convey a strong message to its audience using satire.

‘Panchavalsara Padhathi’ cast and crew

Actors Sudheesh, PP Kunhikrishnan, Krishnendu Menon, Binu, Vijayakumar, Chembil Ashokan, Muthumani, Jolly Chirayath, and Lali PM are the supporting cast for the film.

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Siju Wilson gave the audience a spectacular performance by presenting a small-town character deftly. Nisha Sarang who is another main lead also awed the audience with her acting skills.

Sajeev Pazhoor wrote the script for ‘Panchavalsara Padhathi’, delivering a strong message via relatable comedy and touching on satirical and social commentary themes without appearing condescending.

Shaan Rahman composed the soundtrack and original score for the film. The lyrics for ‘Panchavalsara Padhathi’ songs were written by Rafeeq Ahammed and Engandiyoor Chandrasekharan. Alby operated the camera, while Kiran Das took care of the editing.

Panchavalsara Padhathi is an ordinary story about ordinary people but presented in such a graceful manner that it will make the audience walk out of the theatre feeling satisfied.

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