‘Jai Mahendran’ Malayalam Web Series Review – Corruption, Redemption, and the Fight for Justice

'Jai Mahendran' Malayalam web series Review

Malayalam films have a charm of their own. The movies are shot in actual locations and represent authentic Malayali culture. “Jai Mahendran” is a Malayalam web series set to release on February 23, 2024. National and state award-winning filmmaker Rahul Riji Nair is the series’ writer, producer, and showrunner.

Rahul is also a part of the ensemble cast for the show. Srikanth Mohan directs the series. The series features Suhasini, Miya, Suresh Krishna, Maniyanpilla Raju, Balachandran Chullikad, Vishnu Govindan, Sidhartha Siva, Saiju Kurup, and Rahul Riji Nair in lead roles.

A political drama depicting the life of corrupt government officer Mahendran

The series focuses on the life of a government officer named Jai Mahendran, who satiates his political ambitions via powerplay and manipulation. However, his little game of exploiting others through influence and political relations comes to a halt.

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Mahendran gets trapped in the same dynamics of powerplay he once was a part of. As a result, his authority at work diminishes, and his beliefs are tested. To restore his position at work and salvage his character, Mahendran plans to vandalize an entire system for his own benefit.

‘Jai Mahendran’ OTT Release Date

Initially, the series was set to stream on Sony Liv on February 9, 2024, but got delayed. It will be released on 23rd February as per IMDb reports. Actor Saiju Kurup plays the main character in the series.

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