Potential spotting of Malaysian Airlines object by Australia

Australia said on Thursday that a potential breakthrough has been achieved in the two-week search for the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370. The objects up to 24 metres (78 feet 9 inches) in size were found in the Southern Indian Ocean by satellite imagery.
As per Boeing website, following are the basic dimensions of the Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Fuselage Diameter: 6.19 metres (20 feet 4 inches)
Wing span: 60.9 metres (199 feet 10 inches)
Overall length: 63.7 metres (209 feet)
Tail Height: 18.5 metres (60 feet 9 inches)

Prime Minister Tony Abbott told parliament that two objects were spotted in the southern Indian Ocean based on satellite imagery that came to light. The Maritime Safety Authority of Australia had scoured the vast area following closer analysis of flight MH370’s fuel reserves.

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Four long-range surveillance planes were diverted to investigate further into the find. Sketchy satellite data had resulted two vast search corridors, one is south into the Indian Ocean and other in Central Asia. Meanwhile the head of Malaysia’s civil aviation authority said that he did not yet receive any information from Australia.

Chinese relatives of missing passengers tried to gatecrash Malaysia’s near Kuala Lumpur airport on Wednesday and displayed a banner reading “Give us back our families”.

The missing objects may or may not be related to the plane. With many hijack and deliberate crash theories floating around, it remains to be seen if the plane has indeed crashed.