Australia says no information on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The possible debris of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is still not found in the southern Indian Ocean.


Australian authorities had sent planes to locate two objects that were spotted on satellite. Australia’s deputy prime minister said that the debris which was spotted on satellite may have sunk or drifted for hundreds of miles.

The Boeing 777 flight which had disappeared off almost two weeks ago along the coast of Malaysia is now being searched in the 23,000 sq kilometer zone in the Indian Ocean.

The flight which had 239 people (with 153 Chinese and people of other nations) sparked a multinational search spread across millions of square miles. Friday’s search involved three Australian and a US navy maritime surveillance aero planes, a commercial jet and a merchant ship of Norway.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has ended their search on Friday without any sightings. They said that the focus is on looking for any survivors and locating possible objects of the missing aircraft.

In a new development on Friday, it emerged that the MH370 plane was carrying lithium-ion batteries. Such things are categorized as “dangerous cargo” since they are unstable at such an altitude and may catch fire if not transported correctly.

Meanwhile China’s Snow Dragon, which was used in the Antarctic research icebreaker, is setting off from Perth while five more Chinese ships are en route to join the search zone in the Indian Ocean. India is also sending four warships and another P-8I to the Andaman Sea.