‘God Of War Ragnarök’ ‘Father and Son’ Cinematic Trailer, Release Date, Plot

'God Of War Ragnarök'

Sony has, at last, announced the long-awaited launch date of God of War Ragnarök. On November 9 of this year, Santa Monica Studio will premiere the dad-sim sequel.

The game will arrive on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, according to a tweet from the official Sony page that included the premiere date and a link to more details.

More About The Game ‘God Of War Ragnarök’

The Collector’s Edition and Jotnar Edition are two more premium editions of the game. A digital download of the game, a steel bookcase, 2 wooden figurines of the Huldra Brothers, a set of Dwarven dice, and a 16-inch facsimile of Thor’s Mjolnir are all included in the Collector’s Edition. Additionally, it includes several digital accessories, including Atreus’ complementing Darkdale clothing, the Darkdale armor, blade handles, and an ax grasp for Kratos. Additionally included are a downloadable soundtrack, artbook, avatar collection, and PS4 theme.

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This downplays the realities of the case, where the creators have been subjected to obnoxious abuse from such “fans,” including getting pictures of genitalia in the mail.

Last week, after some users mistakenly believed that doing so would force an official release revelation, the game’s cinematics producer, Estelle Tigani, had to share out a warning to cease.

A new CG clip for the gameplay, which doesn’t depict how it will appear but provides a pleasant sample, is included with today’s news.

Release Date Of The Game

This somewhat supports a Bloomberg report from the last month that said speculations that the game would be released on November 9, 2022, rather than 2023 were untrue.

Amazingly, a game’s release date alone can cause this much buzz, specifically given how frequently incorrect such dates are.

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Sony has done a lot of research on this one and has waited a long time to make sure, but for the next four months, anything might happen. Slips are still very likely to happen.

It will be possible to pre-order games starting on July 15 for those who haven’t yet learned a thing that you must never, ever do so. The video description of an “unboxing” of the game is available on the PlayStation Blog, along with information on the ever more expensive ways to purchase it, as reported by kotaku.com.

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