Google to launch its new low-cost smartphone first in India

The tech giant Google, is all set to launch a low-cost smartphone for the emerging market. Smartphones are the new sensation in the market for quite some time now.

Google to launch its new low-cost smartphone


Google is working on a new initiative, Android One under which the company will be launching a new mobile phone in India first.

As per a report on The Hindu dated, June 26, 2014 the Google senior Vice President, Sundar Pichai announced the idea at the technology giant’s annual developer’s conference.

The phone is supposed to be priced at less than USD 100.

Google has been working with carriers in India to provide the phone with the best telecom service packages. Under this Android One initiative, Google aims to work with all the smartphone makers existing in the market in order to provide ‘turnkey solutions’ for making new and advanced handsets.

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Sundar Pichai said, “We are going to be launching it around the world, but will launch in India first in the fall of this year.”

Google’s label on any mobile phone adds a brand value which automatically becomes the product in the market that is appreciated and in demand. Ever since Google took over Motorola, its latest handsets, Moto G and Moto E have defined the market.

Google’s intervention into the smartphone manufacturing ecosystem will definitely be a warning for all the other brands that belong to the same arena and have to be cautious. Google’s new Android One initiative will effect the buying decisions of the emerging market largely.

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