6-Year-old girl raped by a skating teacher in Bangalore

In a horrendous incident that shook the nation, a pedophile skating teacher was arrested on Sunday for raping a 6 year old girl in east Bangalore who has also allegedly tried to attack three to four children in the past three years.

6-Year-old girl raped   in Bangalore

There are also accusations made on him for using the photograph of the girl for pornographic purposes.

According to the police, they have a reliable information which reveals that the skating instructor used to show obscene videos to the children in the Whitefield School, where he was previously working as a teacher.

The skating teacher is a Varthur resident who is married and has a two year old daughter. The police commissioner is investing into the matter.

The team of investigation reveals that that there could have been four other instances where the skating instructor was found molesting children since the past year of 2011. But there are not written complaints against such incidents.

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The police is also going to ask serious questions to the school authorities of the east Bangalore school. This incident has left parents wondering if the incident could have been averted if the school followed certain principles.

The skating teacher named as Mustafa, owns couple of laptops and a large expensive phone, although he used to earn just 18,000 INR per month.

The police authorities suggest that there’s a lot of money made with child pornography over the internet. The investigation is still in the process. Over the past years, 120 cases of pornography has been registered in the state of Karnataka.


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