Cricketer Chris Cairns Cleaning Bus Shelters And Driving Trucks

Cricketer Chris Cairns Cleaning Bus Shelters And Driving Trucks

As unfortunate as it can get, renowned cricketer Chris Cairns from New Zealand has taken to the job of cleaning bus shelters and driving trucks to make both ends meet. Reportedly, he is getting just a $17 an hour salary.

A story on Zee News said that there were reports that the New Zealander took the job for his family and need for expenses. He has taken the job with Auckland council, where the work involves driving a truck in the capital that blasters water in bus shelters.

Chris Cairns in financial woes

Cricketer Dion Nash, a close friend of Cairns, has confirmed the reports and has been quoted that Cairns is indeed in financial woes and doing the best to help and support his family.

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The wife of the cricketer Mel Crosser also had said that he had no choice as they had to pay the rent and bills like everyone.

Cairns, however, continues to live with family in Herne Bay, the most expensive suburb of the capital. He has been under scrutiny for match-fixing charges.

Spot-fixing allegations

The woes for the former cricketer started after Brendon McCullum mentioned to ICC that a top-level player had enticed him to spot-fixing. New Zealand cricketer Lou Vincent has also given similar statements related to spot-fixing.

The 44-year old Cairns said that he came to know that he was being suspected and pledged his innocence. He, however, remains of the best cricketers in the country, with 218 wickets in test matches. He has worked as a commentator and diamond trader in the past.

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