Indian PM Narendra Modi to fast on Navratri during U.S. visit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been fasting for the last four decades on the festive eve of Navratri, and as it may seem, the same remains for the current year, as well, when he will be in US on September 28, 2014.

By now the world knows that PM Modi will be heading to the United States for a special reception, and given that the dates of Navratri and his US visit are clashing, Modi is expected to have no changes.

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Indian PM Narendra Modi to fast on Navratri

A report on Times of India said that Modi will start his annual ritual of ‘nakkoda’ fasting, which he has been observing for last 35 years. He will adhere to yoga, meditation and puja at dusk with strict diet from September 26, 2014, the report said.

Reports in the media have mentioned how PM Modi will be on a liquid diet for the tour to US.

PM Modi will have a gala reception from the huge Indian diaspora and will be hosted by US President Barack Obama for a special and private dinner. However, it is unlikely that the Indian prime minister will have the chance to savor any of the delicacies served.

A news piece on DNA reported that the officials of Prime Minister’s Office have asked Modi to take lime juice or vitamin water, adding that he has a long and busy schedule abroad. Reports also mentioned that the planning of the engagement of PM in the US is being done in line with his plans for the nine-day fast.

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Different events organized by NRIs will be toned down as it has been advised not to keep PM’s schedule too heavy.

The Madison Square Garden event is the biggest event where Modi will be addressing the Indian- American diaspora.

The main organizer of the event, Bharat Barai, has mentioned to Indian Express, “We know the Prime Minister will be fasting during the Navratri festival and this is one reason officials in New Delhi told us not to make his schedule too hectic.

In any case, the enthusiasm over this visit is so great and there were so many requests for the Prime Minister to visit other cities that we could accommodate very little.”

Modi’s US visit has already created a lot of ripples among the Indians in the country, as well as Americans. The seating capacity of the area has been oversubscribed according to reports. Organizers are now looking and have made arrangements to ensure Modi’s speech is live streamed for better viewing.

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The Indian Prime Minister will be in US for a total of five days, where he is scheduled to attend a total of 26 meetings. This includes a dinner and summit level talks with President Obama, which is widely awaited.

Modi’s speech for the audience will be preceded by folk performances and a special performance by Violin maestro L Shankar. The event will not have any Bollywood performances, although playback singer Kavita Subramaniam will sing the Indian national anthem.

PM’s US visit may have some great outcomes, which remain to be seen.

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